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Literary Works
Here You Shall Find My Many Written Works and Debate Cases

Negative Case for Resolved

    Increased reliance on technology undermines the quality of life in America.  This statement is simply not true, because if it were I doubt we would have made it this far as a race.  We would not have made it this far, were it not for technology. Let us think for just a moment, what is technology?  Is it a tangible thing that is to be bought or sold at the highest bidder? Or maybe it is something we have utilized to identify ourselves as superior (intellectually) to others with.  No, technology is more than just a mere tool we use to make tasks easier. It is, and for time and eternity has been an ideal which any and all forms of humanity use as their vehicle of advancement. With out this ideal many great minds would have lacked the capacity to gain knowledge in anyway possible. It has been said that man will not be saved by faith alone.  For what good does it do a man to have faith and lack great works?  And how does man create these works, by the many means of technology. Hey are you tryin' to steal this?
¡'Cause if you are then your a loser! This is my case not YOURS!
    There once was a time in which medicine was mere witchcraft.  To be sick was to be one of the least fortunate souls on the face of this earth.  In those days modern medicine was a shot of tequila and an amputation.  Now a days if something ails you all one must do is; go to the doctor, ask for some pills, and be on your merry way.  To say that getting drunk and having something cut off is easier than seeing a doctor is ignorant and fool hearted.  But sometimes it is still considered necessary to amputate extremities.  I bet that you're wondering what technology has planned for those chance occurrences. Well rest assured it has something in store for that to.  For even as we speak geneticists are working on actually growing new appendages (as opposed to having artificial ones) for those who need them.  Something else that has arisen lately is the age factor.  Thanks to modern medicine people are living longer at little or no cost.  What with mandatory vaccinations and shots we may soon be able to bear witness to the eradication of all disease and pestilence that has ever dared plague or lives.
If you can read this then thedemnof69™ has been plagiarized!
    Communication has always been necessary and hard to achieve.  Whether it was the ability to talk to a loved one or complain to a local merchant about low quality goods or services.  We have always wanted to feel closer to each other and connected.  Now because of modular cables and satellites, communication has become easier than ever.  With modular cable you can pick up any operable phone and plug in the corresponding type of modular cable and call anyone you want.  Or you can take that same modular cable and plug it into a modulator/demodulator and go online with the help of your computer.  If lets say 15 years ago you met this really cute girl or guy and then lost track of them and just now realize that doing that was rather daft of you.  Instead of staying up all day and night trying to figure out what ever happened to them, you can just go online and search for them.  If you are a teacher please fail the
student that turned this in!
    To get your ideas across to other people you used to have to hold some sort of rally or go in the middle of town and yell until all eyes were on you.  Now you can promote your ideas by going on television or getting on a radio talk show or even going online and go into a chat room and present your idea to all those who seem interested.  Plus when you do these things you get to decide what kind of people you want to target. Whereas telling everybody would get you the attention of those who do not support your cause and their knowledge of your proposal might be harmful to your purpose. Again you are a serious
loser!    If technology undermines the quality of life, then why have we used it for so long?  Few people realize this but multiplication, and division are both forms of technology.  How you ask? Well it's very simple multiplication keeps us from having to sit and work out horrendously long addition problems and division does the same with a more complex form of subtraction.  If we didn't have these simple forms of technology then we would not have the facility necessary to work with algebra, geometry, or any of the other diverse branches of arithmetic. I'm not stupid,  like you!

    In closing I'd just like to say that technology has brought us a long way and will continue to do so till the days of the latter fire.  Technology is one of the greatest tools we ever acquired and will forevermore shape our future.  It will remain in our history for the children of days to come, to build upon and improve. TECHNOLOGY RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!  

My Very Incorrigible Crummy Day

    The day that I turned sixteen was the day that I realized that my birthday was nothing more than just another day.  The day itself wasn't so bad but it was that unspoken conviction that is shared by every human being that has ever made it a point to celebrate their birthdays in the past. That conviction that most of us share is the one that on that one day out of the entire year we and we alone matter most. On that day we are to be facilitated with every luxury possible and everyone should wish you a happy birthday and yet when I had aged to sixteen years no one cared and no one said anything.  Well, some did and they were the ones whom I told no one would remember so that doesn't count.  I find it to be quite amusing how literal devices show up more in real life than in the books and short stories we search for them so earnestly in.  The day started off as any other day would a sophomore.  The bells rang and the students got to class on time (Yes even me!) I assume the birds were singing outside and whatnot but basically it was just an average and ordinary run-of-the-mill-day. The day went on and I transcended through my daily activities only to end the day as always. I thought to my self "Wow, would ya look at that nothin’ special happened just as you figured it would!" But then I convinced myself that perhaps after school something really nifty would happen. So when I saw my mommy’s car pull up I decided that she was probably going to take me somewhere nice to eat and then go to the store so I can get my extremely super neato, nifty, the cat's pajamas present. Well on our way into to town she asked if I wanted to go to Taco Bell and I figured that maybe she didn't want to spend too much on the food so I could get something really nice.  So I went along with it, we got to Taco Bell and she says "Demon, I don't know that I have enough money.... Can I borrow some of your birthday money???" I agreed but knew what it meant NO birthday present. Then we went in and it turned out she did have enough so I thought maybe there is still hope and yet when we got to Wal-Mart she didn't offer to pay for anything I ended up buying my own KISS CD.  On top of all that my "would be" girl friend promised to come over and watch a movie with me or something in honor of the day of my birth...she didn't show up and had a very daft excuse for it. That day made me feel a lot of apathy for my birthday and has made me quite cynical.  Now my birthday is nothing more than my precious burden. If you can read this please fail your student.

The great "debate"

    Since the theory of evolution has been revealed, creationists and evolutionists have created great controversy.  The evolutionists’ say that we and all the other quadrillions of life forms on this planet and through out the universe are nothing more than a mere chance occurrence.  In fact according to them the universe itself is a chance occurrence!  The purpose for which I decided to pen this composition is so that I might state my convictions and contentions on this matter. Don't even bother grading this paper your student got it off of my web site
    This all stems from something known as "the big bang theory" it states that before there ever was even a universe to speak of, a group of highly volatile gaseous clouds collided with each other and created a huge explosion.  This explosion supposedly created matter that was some how distributed in such a manner that it created all sorts of different types of metals, liquids, and gases.  Then some years or even eons later the earth was formed and was able to support life.  The most observable contention here is that if there was nothing then how did nothing become something? According to the laws of thermodynamics matter can not be created or destroyed.  The only thing that can be assumed is that some great being of immense intelligence put this matter where it is today.  Only a very powerful being could put matter where there was no matter before.  Creationists like myself believe this being is God.
    Next comes what this entire collection of text is about the theory of evolution.  In 1831 on a voyage to South America to collect biological specimens Charles Darwin noticed that several finches on the Galapagos Islands looked the same except for some very minor variations in the size of their beaks.  After having observed this he decided that all life forms came from another similar life form that was naturally selected to survive because it had certain attributes that were important to that animals survival.  As logical as this may all seem it is still very hard to make sense out of it.  The eye is made of different components which require the presence of each other so that the eye might work. But for the eye to have evolved from a small light sensitive membrane into what it is today thousands upon thousands of years would had to of gone by in which time the eye would have been inoperable and there for considered not helpful to survival.  That is simply not true because if anything the eye is essential to the survival of most animals on this planet. ARE  YOU STILL READING THIS?

    Finally I come to my third contention, if we indeed did all evolve from some primitive life form then it would have taken millions of years according to evolutionists.  But the evolutionists don't have anyway of proving that what they believed happened all those millions of years ago actually happened.  They can only assume that just the right chemicals came together and that some how they created life that was able to stand up to the harsh inhospitable environment that they say was primitive earth.  This had led me to believe that someone great and powerful had a hand in this and that we are not a mere chance occurrence.

Story With Above Average Height

    Long Long ago, there was a horse named Steve who liked to tease Greg the tractor. Greg was jealous of Steve's ability to grow and be a real living breathing animal. Greg so longed to be alive. But alas he was a tractor...merely a result of a motor company. On a warm May morning Steve was asked to go run around the field and introduce himself  to the new farm equipment and animals. On his way to the barn he saw Greg and thought to himself "Greg is such a loser! Always wanting to be alive, and day dreaming. I ought to go settle this once and for all...Yes  that's what I'll do...this foolishness ends today!".  Steve galloped over to Greg and began to make fun of him. Greg had put up with Steve for the past seven years and was tired of it. He started his engine and began to acquire his target. All the while Jimmy, their owner, was unaware of this feud. Steve began to run towards Greg, as he came upon Greg he stopped whirled around on his front legs and kicked Greg right in his steering wheel. Greg staggered back and slammed into the fence setting off the security system, which alerted Jimmy of the conflict. Jimmy raced towards Greg and Steve's location. As he ran he tripped over a blade of grass and hit his head on a nearby rock and passed out. With no one else to break up the fight, a quick decision was made by me to break up the battle, so it was now up to none other than *Mr. Narrator and since Mr. Narrator is omnipresent I was already at the scene. Now as mentioned earlier Steve had been a real jerk to Greg for seven years. How would  I resolve this you ask? Well I'm not only the narrator I'm also the *Writer*. So using my uncanny writing skills and quick thinking I went back and changed Steve's name to Greg and Greg's name to Steve.  With this change Greg and Steve traded lives. Now Greg had the life he had longed for and Steve was paying the price he owed to society for being a jerk. As for me...I still like to write. Oh and Jimmy woke up.

The Futility of Time

    As any of you whom know me personally, or have taken the time to actually read what I have written, know I am the very epitome of  a nerd/loser. No it's OK don't bother trying to tell me otherwise. I know my place and what I am. It was necessary to speak of this so that you might understand how I came about the following theory. Time is futile, why you ask? It is simple, man has convinced him self that it just ain't cool to be insane. To maintain this sanity he created time. To make him insane, I will take away time. Einstein said that time was relative and nothing more than a continuing illusion. Let us expand on that. Our home world rotates on its axis at an amazing speed. The rotation of our planet on it's axis while in orbit around our sun creates our time. Should it ever slow down or increase in velocity we would experience missing or elongated time. But then again that happens without the aid of our planet's rotational speed. Consider this by definition a minute is 60 seconds long. Let's use me as an example... women scare me especially the ones I find attractive or am interested in. Should I speak to one of these women for a period of time equal to a text book minute I will have spoken to her for 60 seconds. But wait isn't time relative? Indeed it is, from my perspective that minute was an eternity. For science it was 60 seconds but for me it was time beyond measure. But now let's say I spoke with someone I can't stand. From science's point of view the duration of the conversation was 60 seconds. But for me it was no time at all because I didn't pay him/her any heed. What of that, how is it possible that some moments be measurable to be X minutes or hours or seconds long when they seem to be much more or less. Scientifically speaking this should not occur. And yet it does. The Heavens and The Earth were created in seven days. It seems to be quite fantastic and almost impossible. But we must consider that our time and Deity's time is quite different, in fact God doesn't even bother keeping track of time. Because he IS time. He is Alpha and Omega, all that is, all that was, and all that shall be. He lives in eternity, he knows the futility of time. So why can't we get that? Because man is too stupid to accept that we live in  eternity, man needs limitations. So he made time. But time has so many things wrong with it. For one thing it doesn't even have a true beginning. It just kinda started after Jesus was born. Now don't get me wrong here I love Jesus and know that without him we'd all be screwed. But hey you can't just say oh this happened on this day so it will be the first day of time. Also time has no end. Time is used to measure, but how do you measure something when you don't know where it starts or ends? It's kinda like tryin to find out what lies beyond the universe. You can't find it because the farther you go, the farther you stretch the universe. Thinking of all this makes man go insane. But we who know the truth must placate him and go on lying to ourselves by saying time exists. But if you wish to give up on time then I give you this quote-
" a form of conformity"
-John Nash
(Yeah the guy from A Beautiful Mind)


    Now a days you just can't say what you think anymore without being "offensive". Some time ago during school while eating lunch, some friends of a friend of mine spoke to the foreign exchange student about his and their drinking habits. He spoke of how he and his friends were of legal age back home (Germany) and about how they enjoyed all of those fancy liquors. One of the inquirers informed him of how people are poor and can't afford such wondrous drinks and of how they have to resort to beer and regular liquor. She also mentioned that all the youth of our school's particular town drink. Now I being LDS obviously don't drink. So I and my only friend at said table corrected her. We went on to inform her that I also don't smoke, swear or do any of the other bad things our peers are accustomed to doing. She simply replied "What are you a FRICIKIN' Mormon or something?!!?" I replied "Yes, I am." She then proceeded to apologize and asked if I was offended. I told her it was OK and that I wasn't. Now why was I not offended when others would have been? Because I firmly believe that pride is evil. Pride tears apart families, pride destroys friendships, pride prevents unity among different peoples. How is pride linked to offense you ask. To be offended one must be convinced without a doubt that what he or she says is final and that it is quite impossible for anyone else's point of view to be valid. Only ignorant people with closed minds can be offended. People like myself with open minds can not be offended. On the other hand our feelings can be hurt, but there is a great difference in getting your feelings hurt and being offended. So to anyone who says I or something I have said has offended them I say "SCREW YOU! You're just a BIG BABY who can't handle life!!!" but if I indeed have hurt your feelings, then I truly am sorry and will do anything to make it up to you.


Xxxxxx 1

DeMon Xxxxxx

Mrs. English Teacher

English III

16 April 2002

The Harlem Renaissance

    In the 1920's in an area of New York known as Harlem a new epoch came into existence.

It was to be known as the Harlem Renaissance. Led by Langston Hughes, W.E.B. DuBois, and a

host of other famous African-American artists, The New Negro Movement was a time of great

change and social maturity.  

    The Harlem Renaissance brought about much change in society. Composers such as

Langston Hughes encouraged and influenced young Black-Americans nationwide. These artisans

pushed Blacks to take pride in their heritage: Marcus Garvey once said, “Up you mighty race.

You can accomplish what you will” (Renaissance). Many African-Americans, young and old

took to their niche and proved to many that their worth was equal to that of a White man. With

this sudden urge to be equivalent came assimilation and acceptance by the Whites. Although

some Whites still thought ill of the Blacks most Whites were ready to welcome their newfound

racial tolerance. What the Black man had sought, he had obtained his heyday was no longer nigh,

but here and omnipresent.

    During this time there were many who were xenophobic and chose to hate what they

                                            Xxxxxx 2        

could not comprehend. Hate groups like the KKK who were bitter over the abolition of slavery

did all that they could to keep the two races segregated. Ironically, it was this separation that

brought about the Harlem Renaissance! Because the Blacks all lived relatively in the same area

ideas could be communicated with ease. The ideas and beliefs of people like Booker T.

Washington, who said “Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has

reached in life as by the obstacles which were over come while trying to succeed…” (African-

American Poets), stirred up feelings of pride in being Black which was the exact opposite of

what these hate groups wanted.

    The art produced at this time not only served as a creative outlet for the Blacks but also

gave some insight into their world. W.E.B. DuBois wrote his landmark article “The Freedman's

Bureau” his opening sentence read: “THE problem of the twentieth century is the problem of

the color line” (Harlem). This shows that he was aware of the need for change. The Whites for

the most part had been to ignorant to realize that unity was the key to success. This ability to

acknowledge equality as the key to peace was what set the Blacks apart. Some spoke of the need

for a revolt while others merely sat by and watched the events unfold. In either case everyone did

their part to make the Harlem Renaissance what it was.

    Ultimately these events led to the Civil Rights Movements that most everyone is familiar

with. Were it not for the brave souls who strived for acceptance America might be a very

different place today. The Harlem Renaissance was the zenith of Black Art. It inspired

many young African Americans to live out their dreams and led to tolerance from the Whites.

Scars (English Translation)
For my lips have felt
Fragments of rusty claws
Their bitterness stayed on my tongue
They've opened again my injuries
Dreams of cellulo which now pass
Tattoo four letters on my closed again scars
A melody dances in chaos
In a rhythm that starts to move
On a broken error's button
Without realizing it, I carried on in pain
I look back and I dance on a colorless brilliance
In this poem without start or end, let's exchange a kiss
Your profile will vanish in the wind
I want to tear you to shreds and to open your injuries
Your broken melody won't pass me anymore
You have me disappearing, even if I shout
Tomorrow I will put on again the same shadow
My prayers don't mingle with
My poems
Which will never talk anymore
About the days
When we have understood each other
The voice that repeats the poem crying in the bottom of my ears
Breaks my heart
Love brilliant scars
Paint brilliant tomorrow
Sing brilliant song for myself
Tomorrow's landscape we have hoped
Have cleared fortunately in the purple fragrances
I can't wait for my tomorrows that now open white
If I would open my eyes
You would grab my hair with your hand from behind
Your broken melody won't pass me anymore
Your distorted melody
Will just carry on
Reverberating into me
Dead poem's still alive
Dead poem's still alive into me
Dead poem's still screaming
Dead poem's still screaming into me
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