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About Me
What's with the name?    

    thedemonof69- This name was created with many things in mind: KISS, Gene Simmons (my hero), angels, and the car I wish I had. Many people don't know this, but the word "Demon" is actually a variant of the word "Daemon" which was not the name of some blasphemous minion of Satan. The word comes from Greek mythology, a Daemon was an entity that served the same purpose as a guardian angel. Of course Gene Simmons is "the Demon", so I had to work his name into my I did, and ended up with a double connotation. 1969: the year my dream car rolled off the assembly line...what kind of car is it? My dream car is a 1969 Renault 12.

Life where I live    

    I live in a small Texas town, have aged to about 18 years, and am a High School graduate as of May 31st 2003. Life in a small town is not as boring as it would seem. Most people think that I am weird because I do not conform to what they would like to believe is normal. I think the biggest problem they have is the whole it's a guy that wears make-up thing. Or maybe it's because I have long hair,  or seven ear piercings. I have only a handful of friends (some of whom have a link on the links page).  Still want more?

What I like to do

       Play with and repair computers (soon to be A+ cert.)
       Drink Coca Cola
       Talk with my friends on the phone
       "crack" my friends Playstation games with their Game Sharks.
       Listen to music
       Play Magic the Gathering
       Play Magi Nation
Favourite Bands/Artists & Music
(in order of importance)

   Tech N9NE
   Grindstone & Spice Girls it's a tie
   Anything Country
   J-Rock and Brit Pop are good
   is nifty


    I am LDS which is not synonymous with Mormon because there is no such thing as a Mormon, we are sometimes referred to as Mormon because of the Book of Mormon but we follow Jesus and God, not Mormon. Also bear in mind that I am LDS not RLDS there is a difference. Although now they call themselves the "Community of Christ" my beliefs and theirs do not coincide.

Latest News

21st of April, 2002

    I made two AMV's last week! They were both for DBZ, I did One of a Kind and Never Gonna Stop. I Almost went to A-kon, but I decided to by a 5 port hub so that I can have a LAN party in the Summer. I'm going to obtain Office  XP corporate edition tomorrow. When I went to Mexico I got Best Linux! I took my 95 system apart and transplanted it's viscera to another system. I am very close to beating Diablo with my Warrior. I think my Rogue got deleted.

20th of May, 2002    

    I have my own phone line as of today. This weekend I got a 27" TV and found out that I can get a VGA to S-Video cable so that I can play games on my new TV and use my stereo's surround sound capabilities to have the upper hand on my enemies who try to sneak up behind me. I made another AMV but it sucked. I used Time to Play The Game to make the AMV. I just  realized that I have another AMV, for it I used Sonne Clawfinger k.o. Remix. Tomorrow I take a logic test to see if I should be put in GT classes. A few weeks ago I was assigned a project that required me to make some sort of informative media to explain the battle of Iwo Jima. I built a web site, (here is a link to it  World History Project ) In case your wondering why there is no info on the Americans my partner was supposed to research them while I researched he Japanese. Sadly he was unable to get me the stuff he found on a disk, so his part was spoken.    

21st of June, 2002

    Well I just returned from Mexico on Tuesday, while there I saw Ali. People this is an awful awful movie it wasn't worth paying the theater to see it and it isn't worth paying Blockbuster to rent. I've seen movies suck...but this one well let's just say it can't get any worse. I was deprived of internet access in Mexico because my uncle's computer had some ISP issues. I was right, my rogue was deleted and Diablo was uninstalled from my uncle's system. But I reinstalled and started a new game and won. Now I can play Diablo II without feeling guilty. It wasn't as hard as I thought. All I did was use Mana Shield to protect me and hit him with Chain Lightning. I even saved at the exact moment he died. Before I left for Mexico I built an anime site. PeAChY AnImE Other than that I haven't done much. I made a new friend and some one who I don't know finally signed my guest book. But that's all.

5th of July, 2002

    I think I might be getting a job soon. I went to the local Computer Shoppe and spoke with one of the people who work there. He told me no at first, but after talking to him for a while he said I needed to talk to the boss. So I decided to come back on Wednesday. I showed up but the boss wasn't there and it was rumored that he didn't plan to be there till later. So I left, ate, and came back. I sat around the shoppe with the existing technician and helped him with his work until one of my fellow student technicians from school arrived. Shortly after his arrival my mother came for me. I was told to return after the fourth of July so I plan on going back sometime next week. So wish me luck!!

15th of July, 2002

    I went to ITT technical institute today and was accepted. I had to take a test to see if I qualified to be a student there. I scored four points higher than what I had to score. The test was 50 questions and I had 12 minutes to get at least 22 right answers. Like I said I got 26 and completed the test before time was up. I found out last night that the job I was looking for might not  be given to me. It seems I have Competition and apparently he is very very good so I have a good chance of not getting the job. Other than that there isn't much else to speak of .

4th of August, 2002

    Well I returned from Mexico yesterday to find that not much had changed in my home. Last week I went back to the store where I want to work and learned that I might get the job after all. I finished reading my A+ certification book and my Home Networking book. Both of my phone lines went out yesterday. The phone company says that I should have service by 5:30 p.m. tomorrow. I finally have business cards and Compuganime's Customer Database just keeps growing. This week I finish Driver's Ed. Now all I have to do is wait six months and I'll have my license. I obtained two VB .NET books yesterday and am very interested in reading them. I cut my hair twice for my costume for Anime Fest.

15th of August, 2002

    Last Friday was my last time driving for Driver's Ed. Believe it or not I almost killed my driving instructor! We were driving down the highway after dropping off the other student we had been driving with at the High School. As we pulled out on to the Highway I saw my mother turning to get on the road that leads to the school. I informed my instructor and he said to just drive a bit further and then turn to go back to the school. Well as I made that left turn to get back on the other road this jerk in a Crown Victoria almost hit me! He/she was going down the road at about 40 mph when the speed limit was clearly marked 30 mph. Had I not pulled into the turn faster the car would have hit us and killed my instructor. But luckily we made it. I start school next week on Tuesday.

2nd of September, 2002

    Yesterday I returned from Anime Fest. It was a very nice con, they had all sorts of neat things to do. I met a few VA's and got their autographs, in fact I obtained two endorsements for Compuganime! All in all it was a pretty nice weekend. Sadly that's all I have to say. My life is so boring....I could use a girlfriend!! Oh! Wait I do have something else to say, last week I decided to write an article for the school newspaper and it looks like it's gonna be published!

1st of October, 2002

    About two or three weeks ago I finished the AMV that I want to show at the talent show. I am currently working on getting a band to perform instead of having the computer hooked up to a bunch of speakers. I have been entertaining the thought of just making a whole new AMV with a song the band knows how to play. I don't know if that is going to work out or not yet. Well my article will be printed in the school paper this week. I can't wait to get my copy...I am going to take it with me to Mexico and have it laminated.

4th of October, 2002

    My article was published in the paper today! Finally I can say that I am a published writer. I have convinced a few people to try to form a band so that I can have my music video play with a live band performing the music. The person in charge of the talent show has asked me to also create a video to play in the background during the talent show. I don't know what to use for this video, but I do plan to make credits for the talent show. Not much else is going on. I almost went crazy when I thought that we wouldn't have a spirit week this year. Later I came to find that it still isn't time for spirit week. I got nearly all A's on my report card! I have a 95 in computer maintenance, a 95 in English, a 90 in Economics, a 100 in Spanish, a 73 in Web Mastering (only because I didn't turn in some report on Fuzzy Logic), and a 75 in Algebra.

19th of October, 2002

    Last night...I mean early this morning...I took two IQ tests. The first test I took told me that my IQ was 118 and that I had above average inteligence..but that was all it told me. The second test I took said I had an IQ of 124 and went on to say that I was an insightful linguist. It also said " have the natural fluency of a writer and the visual and spatial strengths of an artist. Those skills contribute to your creative and expressive mind..." Sadly this is kind of hard for me to believe, mostly because I am so critical of my writing. But also because this is the third time I have taken an IQ test and all three scores dispute each other..perhaps I will never truly know my IQ.

29th of October, 2002

    Today I found out that my latest article for my school's newspaper will not be published. Apparently it is too controversial, the things that this article deals with are far too religious and scary to put into a small town High School newspaper. The article has been added to the new Literary Works page. I'm not sure what I will write about next, but rest assured it will be controversial. In other news...I am now officially my school paper's Web master!

14th of November, 2002

    I began working today, I work for an attorney in the same town I go to school in. One thing that's really cool is that tomorrow is pay day! I am his web master/everything else related to computers. I downloaded some episodes of FLCL the other day. The school's newspaper's site is up. I joined the Spanish Club yesterday, and I'm it's web master too.

3rd of December, 2002

    Today I finally bought Diablo II and the Diablo II Expansion. They are very very nifty. I started three games, one as a Necromancer, one as a Druid, and one as a Paladin. The one I work on the most is the Druid.

14th of December, 2002

    I finally have a vehicle! My mommy bought herself a Malibu on Wednesday, she said that once I get my license I can keep the Cavalier. On top of that a friend of mine gave me a 64 MB stick of RAM. So at last I am running at 128 MB.

23rd of December, 2002

    I went to go see The Lord of The Rings: The Towers today, this movie is very very awesome!!! I can't wait for the next one to come out! It was full of action and what not. I don't really know how to describe it, but it was very very nifty. At some point this week I plan to braid my hair. Not sure when, but I will do it.

29th of December, 2002

    Wow, it's the last Sunday of 2002. I just took some pics of various places near my Mexican domicile. I just found out that I might not be able to get braids after all....because my wallet appears to be empty. My cousin is leaving for Durango with his father (whom is currently mad at us, for supposedly breaking a monitor of his). Not much else has been going on...none of you bums that are on my messenger lists are ever on!!! I am so bored!!!!! It ain't so bad though, my aunt and uncle moved out of our house on Friday and even though my cousin and I miss my aunt's cooking we still have the whole house to ourselves.

30th of December, 2002

    It's not fair!!! Monterrey has faster Dial Up connections than I do!! Just look at how fast I connect down here. I know that all of you broad band folk think this is pretty slow, but compared to what I get back home, it's fast.

5th of January, 2003

    How about that...a whole new year...Well I just got back from Mexico yesterday. I got my hair braided on Friday and I got a new pair of boots on Thursday. I came back to find 35 messages on my answering machine and 3 on my mom's. Still trying to figure out a series of weird dreams I had last week and one I had last night.

11th of January, 2003

    Well, I finally got a chance to drive the Malibu today. I had to go take care of some stuff at ITT and my mom said we could take the Malibu (which, I might add, hasn't been driven since it's purchase). Everything is finalized I will now officially begin school on the 16th of June. Thursday a friend and I found a song that I've been looking for forever: Blind Dance by Violet UK.

26th of January, 2003

    Wow, a lot can happen in two weeks...I fell in love, had my heart broken, got my license, registered to vote, and registered for the draft. So much heartache and happiness in just a fortnight. Now I have a new goal in life: to make my car the first of it's kind to be able to jump over stuff.

27th of January, 2003

    Dahlia is officially my favorite X Japan song with Scars and Silent Jealousy trailing behind. I never thought that one band could rock so much...but X really does. I may even be inclined to say that KISS and X are of equal importance to me. I know that this update is of no interest to most of you but, hey it's my site and my life. Tomorrow it will have been eight years since my father died...I think I'm gonna go see him..not sure though...I probably should. I sold a total of seven ads for my school paper..that means I matched what the entire staff did collectively in a week in two days!!

8th of February, 2003

    As of today I will be allowing people to audition to be my new side kick Spiffyboy or girl. No experience necessary, just be sure you can deep fry a taco in three seconds....There is also an opening for Peachygirl. I wrote another article for the school paper, and for the first time in history I wrote about something that would be of interest to the School! I wrote about our school choir going to state.

15th of February, 2003

    After speaking with the other 1/3 owners, I am happy to announce that Compuganime will soon be broadcasting on a SHOUTcast server. I bought a switch for the glowing talipipes I'm getting for the car. I started a new AMV, to the disgust of a good friend I'm using Still Waiting by Sum 41. Looks like it'll be mostly DBZ but I threw in some Escaflowne. Still don't have a woman but I'm gettin' there.

25th of February, 2003

    Well, I finally installed Windows XP on my system..I didn't want to before because I didn't feel the need to force myself to go all around the internet looking for XP drivers. But I finally did it anyway. XP crashed on the first boot, but other than that it seems ok. This will be my last post here..I have acquired a Blog and will be using it from now on. As soon as I post something I'll put a link under this message to my blog.

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